The special attention we give to every detail of the construction of our equipment has led us to offer solutions tailored to each customer, convinced that it is the only way to achieve optimal washing quality..

PHASE 1 .  Information request

We ask for a lot of information. Measurements, photos, available space, dirt to wash... all the details will help the correct approach of the equipment.

PHASE 2 .  Proposal

With the above information, we are ready to make an initial project including a technical and economic description and a layout, our OFFER.  

PHASE 3 .  Production

Once the equipment has been agreed, we start production: laser, raw material purchases, assembly, construction, electrical system,... everything necessary realize the equipment. For us it is important that the client participates in the tests of the equipment (FAT). It allows us to ensure proper operation before leaving our facilities.

PHASE 4 .  Facility

The installation is as short as possible so as not to interfere with the client's production. The equipment has already been tested and transported whole or in the minimum number of possible modules.




Details of excellence and precision. We never settle for the best.


We adapt to the needs of each customer


Quality material and work well done, pillars of our projects


We take care of the relationship with our customers, suppliers and staff, just as we take care of our machines.