PALLETS washers (small production)

Mod. M-1/PL

Compact washers with optimal features.

  • Washing of palets.
  • Little productions: 100-150 palets/hour.
  • Different phases of washing for a complete cleaning, according to specific needs of hygiene.
  • Different water heating systems.

Optional elements:    

  • Dosing of chemicals for more hygienic result, with metering high efficiency pumps.
  • EconoSystem: saving system for rinse water.
  • Blowing area for a first  washing water removal.
  • Possible additional modules for drying, for a complete dry result.
  • Prepared for attaching return accessories, so that the tunnel can be used by a single operator.




  • Specific design for each sector and / or product.

  • Components and finishes of the highest quality.

  • Full stainless steel construction AISI-304 (or AISI-316).

  • Minimum energy consumption.

  • Minimum maintenance.

  • Simplicity of operation.