DINOX was born from the hand of two brothers, Ferriol and Lluis, and his brother-in-law Joan. The three of them worked in the metallurgical sector building machines for the meat industry and founded Dinox in December 1981. Over time, they got to know collaborators who became partners like Angel and Josep. Each of them contributed a part of the business and the foundations were laid until today: DESIGN · MANUFACTURING · COMMERCIALIZATION


The dedication to detail, soon convinced the Spanish market, being able to install machines throughout the national territory and for clients from many sectors: MEAT · FISHING · FRUIT AND VEGETABLE · PASTRY · DAIRY · LABORATORIES · LOGISTICS


The Participation in international fairs opened the doors of some countries such as France, due to proximity, and Latin America due to ease of communication. The good reception and collaboration with several foreign distributors resulted in installations in most continents.


After 40 years, the basis of our machines remains the same. Robust constructions, quality materials and the satisfaction of a job well done. Even so, we introduce improvements in each of our equipment in both construction and technology. Every equipment is different from the others.